Photos by Gabriele Bixel & Jannik Mielke

Welcome to LeadNet!

This is the official homepage of LeadNet, a network bringing together senior scientists, research associates, project and group leaders of the Max Planck Society.

Our network is predominantly a bottom-up initiative of all research leaders irrespective of their formal and funding status at their affiliate Max Planck Institute. All researchers with current (or future) leadership responsibility (such as group, team and project leaders) are highly encouraged to take part in LeadNet which meets annually at Harnackhaus, Berlin.
LeadNet provides a forum for common scientific and organizational issues and promotes interactions among research groups within the MPG.

Next LeadNet Symposium: September 16-17, 2024

The LeadNet Symposium 2024 will take place from September 16-17, 2024 in the Harnack Haus in Berlin. More information coming soon!