Program 2017

Tuesday- 9th of May 2017

 12:00 Registration
 12:00 Imbiss and snacks
Session 1 – Hahn Hörsaal
 13:00 Matías Hernández (Group Leader, MPI of Molecular Physiology) – Welcome address & The Future of LeadNet
 13:45 Sandra Kortner (Research Group Leader, MPl for Physics) – The Higgs particle adventure – on a stairway to the unknown Universe
 14:30 Mathias Scharinger (Professor, University of Marburg) – On becoming established in academia
 15:15 Ulla Weber (Central Gender Equality Officer of the MPG, MPG Headquarter) – Gender Equality Facts for Academic Leaders
 16:00 Coffee break and preparation of posters
Session 2 – Hahn Hörsaal
 16:30 Frank Sander (General Manager, Max Planck Digital Library) – MPG research services
Sandra Vengadasalam (Coordination & Strategy, Max Planck Digital Library) –Good tools, happy scientists – happy scientists, good research!
 17:15 Ralf Jungmann (Group Leader, MPI of Biochemistry) – How to write and defend Emmy Noether and ERC grants
 18:00 Katharina Franz (Development Executive, Private Research Funding of the MPG, MPG Headquarter) – Supporting the brightest minds
 18:45 – 19:45 Keynote address:
Wilhelm Krull (Secretary-General of the Volkswagen Foundation) – Research Careers and Research Funding in a Multipolar, Increasingly Interdependent World
Standing dinner and poster session – Planck-Lobby
 21:30 Get-together: LeadNet Jazz Night –  Einstein Lounge
The LeadNet Jazz Night will be supported by:

Wednesday- 10th of May 2017

Session 1 – Hahn Hörsaal
 9:00 Robert Schlögl (Director,  Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society)
 10:00 Cross-sectional talks 1: Get to know your section peers selected talks from participants:

Anna Mechler (MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion, CPTS) – Electrochemical Energy Conversion in Electrolyzers and Fuel Cells
Edward Vessel (MPI for Empirical Aesthetics, GSHS) – Culture vs Nature: Visual Aesthetic Experiences with Cultural Artifacts Engage Additional Processes beyond a Core Domain-General System
Halyna Shcherbata (MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, BMS) – Dissecting Biological Roles of miRNAs
 10:45 Coffee break
Session 2 – Hahn Hörsaal
 11:15 Rolf Loschek (CHRONOS Management Consulting, Designierter Vorsitzender des Bereichs “Industrie und Wirtschaft” der DPG) – The Science of Management and the Management of Science
 11:45 Cross-sectional talks 2: Get to know your section peers selected talks from participants:

Frank Ohme
(MPI for Gravitational Physics, CPTS) – Hunting Black Holes
Stefanie Hoehl (GSH, MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, GSH) – Social Learning in Early Development
Gerben Vader (MPI of Molecular Physiology, BMS) – Controlling Chromosome Fragmentation During Sexual Reproduction
 12:45 Closing
 13:00 Lunch