LeadNet 2013 Program:

May 6th 2013

Cross-sectional Workshops & Soft-skill Training

12h – 16h The Concept of Ageing across the Sections: Modeling Change from Birth to Death (Workshop Program)
organized by Annette Baudisch and Bianca Habermann

12h – 16h Cross-sectional Workshop on Imaging Techniques (Workshop Program)
organized by Gabriele Bixel, Matthias Munk and Jan Peychl

12h – 16h Current Techniques in Mass Spectrometry at the MPG (Workshop Program)
organized by Sebastian Leidel

16h – 16h30 Coffee Break


Common Session: about the MPG, career development in the MPG

16h30 – 16h40 Welcome and Introduction (Gabriele Bixel, MPI for molecular Biomedicine)

16h40 – 17h05 Barbara Müller (MPG Headquarters): Institute Representatives and their Functions

17h05 – 17h30 Roland Diehl (MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics): Representing scientist interests in the MPG science council

17h30 Invited speaker: Herbert Jäckle (Vice President, BMS)

19h30 Dinner

20h30 Posters & Get-Together

20h20 – 20h40 Postdoc Special: Masanori Nakayama (MPI for Molecular Biomedicine): Transition time postdoc to group leader: lessons from 3 giants

20h40 – 21h NGS-Sequencing in the MPG: Richard Reinhardt and Lisa Czaja (Max Planck Genome Center Cologne): From Tissue to Data Processing and Genome Information

May 7th 2013

Scientific Keynote Speaker

8h30 – 9h Scientific keynote speaker: Martin Binder (University of Sussex): Happiness and economics: What’s the point?


Joint Scientific Session: Talks across the Sections

9h – 9h30 Scientific Talk 1 (CPTS): Silvia Kloster (MPI for Meteorology): Fire in the Earth System

9h30 – 10h Scientific Talk 2 (CPTS): Jin-Song von Storch (MPI for Meteorology): High-resolution modeling: a compelling tool for understanding the dynamics of the Earth System

10h00 – 10h30 Scientific Talk 3 (GSHS): Annette Baudisch (MPI for demographic research) : The pace and shape of ageing

10h30 – 11h Coffee Break

Career Session

11h – 11h20 Anke Hübenthal (Femmenet): Family & Equal Gender in the MPG

11h20 – 11h50 Mario Albrecht (University Medicine Greifswald): From MPS to Professorship

11h50 – 12h50 Reinhard Jahn (MPI for Biophysical Chemistry): Career aspect and development of young research leaders in the MPG

12h50 – 13h40 Lunch


3rd Party funding

13h40 – 15h15 Andre Schlochtermeier (EU): Research Funding from the EU – The new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon2020

Katja Hübel (EU office, MPI für Eisenforschung GmbH): ERC Starting & Consolidator Grants

Reinhard Jahn (MPI for Biophysical Chemistry): ERC from the Point of View of a Panel Chair

Andreas Strecker (DFG): Funding instruments of the DFG for Scientists at Max Planck Institutes