LeadNet Meeting 2015

14th to 15th of April 2015 I Harnack House I Berlin

For registration, please email: Sebastian Leidel
Please give your name and specify your Max Planck Institute in your registration mail!
The MPI for Molecular Biomedicine will then directly bill your institute.

Accommodation is not included in the meeting fee of 190 €. Please book your room directly! We have reserved rooms at:
– Harnack-house
– Seminaris Campushotel Berlin
The reservation code is: LeadNet2015.



10h – 12h LeadNet Business meeting of the steering committee (everybody is welcome!)

11h30 – 12h Light lunch

Parallel scientific workshops (12h – 16h)

Challenges in visualization of complex data
organized by Sebastian Leidel (MPI for molecular Biomedicine, Muenster) and Bianca Habermann (MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried)

Rise to the challenge – approaching science in the different sections
organized by Christian Biertuempfel (MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried)

14h30 – 16h00 Imaging facilities – get together session
organized by Jan Peychl (MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden)

Postdoc workshop: How to organize a successful postdoc
organized by Christiane Haupt (MPG Headquarter)

Individual coaching sessions for Group Leaders
oragnized by the MP Headquarters

16h – 16h30 Coffee break

Common session 1: about the MPG

16h30 – 16h40 Sebastian Leidel (MPI for molecular Biomedicine): Welcome and Introduction

16h40 – 17h Birgit Adam (MPG Headquarter): The alumni work of the MPG

17h00 – 17h30 Ulrich Betz (Merck Serono): Open innovation in drug discovery – fostering innovation and entrepreneurial thinking

17h30 Martin Stratmann (President): Talk and Discussion

19h30 Dinner

20h30 Scientific posters & get-together (Wine & Cheese)


Common scientific session – talks across the sections

8h30-9h Nicole Dubilier (MPI for Marine Microbiology) – Keynote Speaker Hydrothermal vents in the deep-sea: Oases of life

9h-9h30Alban Kellerbauer (MPI for Nuclear Physics) – CPTS
Antimatter – Science or fiction?

9h30-10hFrank Schnorrer (MPI of Biochemistry) – BMS
Flight muscle and the wing commander

10h-10h30Dagmar Ellerbrock (TU Dresden) – GSHS
Understanding Violence and Gun Cultures: the Turn to Emotions

10h30 – 11h Coffee break

Common Session 2: Career Session

11h00 – 11h30 Ulla Weber (Central Gender Equality Officer, MPG Headquarters)
How Max Planck Institutes support Gender Equality

11h30 – 12h00 Bernhard Keimer (MPI for Solid State Research)
The Schiemann Kolleg – A tool for excellence

12h00 – 12h35 Dagmar Ellerbrock (TU Dresden)
From MPS to Professorship

12h35 – 13h45 Lunch

13h45 – 14h45 Nicole Dubilier & Bianca Habermann
Report from presidential commission on young scientists at the MPG and discussion

Common Session 3: 3rd Party Funding

14h45 – 17h Funding WorkshopRüdiger Hesse (MPS, MPG Bussels office)
Horizon 2020 and the European schemesBritta Mädge (DFG): Funding tools for groupleaders
Please note:
1) Rüdiger Hesse has offered to meet with individual people after the workshop to discuss individual funding questions. In case you are interested, please send him an e-mail: r [dot] hesse [at] max-planck-brussels [dot] eu

    2) there will be another member of DFG present throughout the meeting. If you have questions on your (next) research grant application …