Program 2019

Below you will find the  program for LeadNet 2019. In the past, we have had speakers from the DFG, European organizations, industry partners and the president of the MPG, Martin Stratmann.

NEW: This year we will also have workshops on topics like “Leadership in Science”, “Leadership & Communication”, “Communication in Science” or “How to become a Professor”. Don’t miss it!

Monday- 6th of May 2019

 10:30 Registration  & Light Lunch
  Session 1
 12:00 Welcome from the Steering Committee
 12:15 Bill Hansson | Vice-President | Max Planck Society
Leadership and mentorship in the MPG
 13:00 Caroline Rowland | Director | MPI for Psycholinguistics
Listening to children: New perspectives on the brain, on language, and on science, from studies on language development
 13:45 Kärin Nickelsen | Professor of Science History | Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
Navigating interdisciplinarity: How to sit comfortably between the chairs
 14:30 Break with Jymmin | Tom Fritz | MPI for for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  Session 2
 15:15 Karin Kühnel | Senior Editor | Nature Communications
From Group Leader to Editor
 16:00 Kerstin Dübner-Gee & Katharina Miller-Meyer | Department Human Resources Development & Opportunities | Max Planck Society
Attracting & Retaining Top-Tier Talents – Concept, Target Group Focus & Service Portfolio 
 16:30 New this year: Elevator-Project Pitches | MPG Group Leaders
 17:30 Short break
  Session 3
18:00 Katrin Boes | Public Relations and Information Officer | MPI of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics
Public Relations and Social Media for Scientists – Harvesting the fruits of your labour
 18:30 Sandra Vengadasalam | Division Manager Digital Labs | Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL)
Digital Services in the MPG City: Good tools, happyscientists – happy scientists, good research!
 19:00 Andrea Musacchio | Director | MPI of Molecular Physiology
Preparing and defending your ERC application
Standing dinner and poster session
 21:30 Get-together: LeadNet Jazz Night


Tuesday- 7th of May 2019

  New this year!  Workshops – Parallel Sessions
 9:00-12:00 Leadership in Science I | Daniel Mertens | Schiller & Mertens
 9:00-12:00 Leadership in Science II | Jens Engelke | Che Consult GmbH
 9:00-12:00 Communication and Conflict Management | Kathrin Keune | Artsbased SolutionsBOOKED OUT!
 9:00-12:00 How to Become a Professor | Amir Madany Mamlouk | University of Lübeck
 9:00-12:00 Science Communication – Formats, Strategies & Creative Processes | Johanna Barnbeck | Spread the NerdBOOKED OUT!
 12:00 Podium Discussion
13:00 Lunch